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Still Kicking

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve posted a status update! Fear not: I haven’t given up!

Back when I was posting here regularly I was focused on building a launch list and testing Munchkin Report’s value prop. I did that fairly quickly and since then I’ve been heads down on product development. When I’m coding and designing, I never want to break, even to write these short updates.

Some stats:

  1. Launch list sign-ups: 103
  2. Leads from resource downloads: 34
  3. Blog posts written: 9
  4. Monthly uniques: ~125

I’m about a week or two away from letting early access customers run amok! I’ve had people on the list email me itching to see the product (one of them is a preschool), so I’m super motivated.

Clearly I have a lot of marketing work to do–125 uniques per month will not cut it–but I felt I was in a decent enough spot to make a push to get the product ready. Marketing is going to be much more fun with a product to point to, for sure. I’ve got some really cool stuff planned.

Lesson learned:

Despite all the awesomeness of Rails and AWS and JavaScript frameworks, there’s still a ton of grunt work you need to do with a SaaS: authentication, authorization, multi-tenancy, transaction email hookup (and templates), timezone stuff, etc. Plan for this!

I suspect this stuff is much quicker for someone who is a full-time dev in their day job and has done these things 100 times, but for someone who doesn’t code everyday anymore, it’s been slow.

What I want to do this week:

  1. Send out a pre-launch email to my launch list with a product update
  2. Send a non-pitch email to my resource list
  3. Keep working on the dev tasks required for early access to begin
  4. Hopefully get some responses from 1.) and setup calls with people who want in
  5. Purchase a PO box (I don’t want my home address in CAN-SPAM email footer)