Me as a young whippersnapper at the Bronx Zoo.

Me as a young whippersnapper at the Bronx Zoo.

I’m Rob Sobers. I’m a designer/developer turned marketing executive from the NYC area. I care deeply about my craft.

I started building things with computers in 1994 on my Tandy 1000TL.  I learned to write programs in QBASIC so I could kill monsters and level-up faster in a text-based RPG called MajorMUD.

In 1999 I built an Amazon.com clone with a couple of buddies. It failed, but it was fun running a real online business at 19. After college, I applied to law school, got in, got cold feet, emptied my bank account and backpacked through Europe.  

Upon return I got my first “real” programming job at a small software shop called STORIS. In 2009 I started reading Joel on Software, which transformed my thoughts on software development in every way possible.

Later that year I was hired by Joel to work at Fog Creek Software. I did all sorts of things at Fog Creek: wrote code, built a giant status board, made customers happy, and helped design FogBugz 8.

Fog Creek is where I met Patrick McKenzie. Patrick turned me on to marketing and micropreneurship.

For the past 5 years, I’ve lead digital marketing at an information security company called Varonis. We’ve grown from $40MM to $127MM in revenue in the past 4 years. We IPO’d in 2014 ($VRNS).


I created a SaaS app called Munchkin Report: easy online child activity tracking for parents, caregivers, and daycare centers. I often write about the challenges of building and marketing Munchkin Report on this very site.

In 2011 I created Learn Ruby The Hard Way (now in paperback on Amazon!), a book to help newbies learn the Ruby programming language. It’s an adaptation of Zed Shaw’s original work: Learn Python The Hard Way.

I’m currently building a course on marketing automation with HubSpot.

Read more about my products here. Don’t be shy. I’ve got bills to pay.

Other Stuff

Outside of work I love to draw, travel, and spend time with my wife and 3 kids. I know an ungodly amount of trivia about A Song of Ice and Fire and I’m obsessed with the genius of George R.R. Martin.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to email me (rob [at] rsobers dot com) or follow me (@rsobers).

You can find my CV here.

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