Understanding the HubSpot Sources Report [Video + Cheat Sheet]

👋🏼 This is a free lesson from my video course Mastering HubSpot. In just a few minutes a day, you can watch bite-sized lessons that will help you become a HubSpot power user and get more visitors, leads, and customers.

As basic as it is, almost everyone I talk to has at least one misconception about how the HubSpot Sources report works.

This video lesson will give you a good handle on how to interpret the Sources report, tell you where it can deceive you, and explain how it compares to its zany cousin, the Google Analytics Channels report.

I also made a really handy and visual HubSpot Sources Cheat Sheet which you can grab for free. It explains the rules for bucketing visits, contacts, and customers into each source.


Episode Notes

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