Entrepreneurial ADD

What I did this week

but splitting time between writing chapters and moving the Munchkin marketing needle is horrible. I titled this post Entrepreneurial ADD, which is a term I think I got from Mark Suster. Many entrepreneurs can’t focus on one thing because they get bored too quickly.  I don’t believe that I’m afflicted with E-ADD, though my symptoms are the same. I just think I’m suffering from severe time constraints and I’m spreading my available time across too many disjointed activities–writing, marketing, coding, researching, editing, etc. I’m quite used to Extreme Context Switching™ from my day job, but doing it after-hours is really hampering the progress of both Munchkin Report and Mastering HubSpot. I’m seriously considering shooting the book in the head, despite how much I believe in it. I’m going to run this by my mastermind group this week, but I’d love to hear what you think, so please post a comment!

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