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End-of-Year Update on Munchkin Report

The new year is fast-approaching and I’m laser-focused right now.

As you’ve may have seen with my prior status reports, one of my goals with Munchkin Report is to publicly document everything I’m doing both with product and marketing, so that when I hit a revenue or customer goal, you can actually trace back every action I took to get there.

Hopefully that’s helpful.

What’s new?


We just finished drafting our email course on data-driven parenting. Anyone who downloads our printable daily tracking sheet PDF will be enrolled in the course.

Right now it’s only 3 emails, but we’ll add more as we write them. The important thing is that we stay in contact with people who come into ecosystem.

Here’s a link to the full email series in case you’re interested in how it looks.


I finished the notes and photos feature so you can attach free form comments and photos to a daily report (in addition to all the structure stuff like meals, naps, moods).

I also added the ability to mark any note or photo as a milestone and built a rudimentary milestone timeline which lets you browse all the biggest moments in one place. It’s kinda crappy, but perfect is the enemy of done, right?

Mobile will be the death of me

It’s like watching a horror movie where you know the girl is going to get straight-up murdered because she’s drunk and wandering into the woods to meet her boyfriend and you’re SCREAMING at the TV: “NOOOOOOO!!!!”

A little voice in my head is screaming “MAKE A GODDAMNED MOBILE APP ALREADY!”

I know Munchkin Report will die if I don’t have mobile support, but mobile is virgin territory for me. My hope is that the web version can provide enough value to get people excited and get us a little traction that affords me the time to come up with a mobile strategy in Q1 and ship something in Q2.



I have some analytics setup to do to prepare for our public launch in January when we take down the “Request an invite” CTA and let anyone start a free trial. I want to ensure that I have crystal clear visibility into my funnel and what’s working to acquire and activate customers.

I’ll document all this here on the blog so other people running a low-cost SaaS can copy my setup.

Explainer video

I want to make a video for the sales site that quickly explains the value prop. I also want to make some quick onboarding screencasts.

Helpful resources:

Onboarding email sequence

I have to write and setup a welcome email sequence that helps get new trial customers headed in the right direction.

Helpful resource:

‘Til next time.