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5 Design Resources for Non-Designers

5 Design Resources for Non-Designers
Photo by Mia Baker / Unsplash

A friend sent me an email today:

Do you have a reading list for techies to start down a design path?

I’m a self-taught designer, but whenever I come across a good design resource for beginners, I bookmark it.

Here are 5 excellent resources for those who want to learn about software and web design, but don’t fancy themselves designers.

  1. This talk by Kyle Neath at Github is excellent for engineers who want to get started with design.

  2. Designing for Emotion. A great book by the lead designer at MailChimp, Aarron Walter.

  3. Goodui.org. Simple, concise UI design lessons.

  4. Ryan Singer’s talks on design. Scroll to the bottom for his videos.

  5. Nathan Barry’s ebooks on design. He’s written a book on web design and a book on app design.