Gmail’s New Inbox is a Win for Shrewd Email Marketers

Gmail’s new tabbed inbox is a pretty radical change, and it’s got many email marketers in a tizzy.

From the Social Triggers blog post linked above:

People who opted in to your mailing list — and double confirmed their email — may not get your emails because Google decided to erect this artificial wall between you and your customers.

I’m sorry to break the news, but if your subscribers can’t find your jaw-dropping email content because it’s now within a tab, they don’t really care about your content.

I think it’s an excellent move on Google’s part. I view this as the Panda of email. Boorish marketers will take a big hit while the savvy folks cranking out worthwhile content will get even more attention.

Gmail’s spam filters are fantastic at keeping out real spam. The tabbed inbox is another step in the direction of email quality. Now Google is highlighting email that isn’t technically spam–you requested it–but is stuff you probably don’t really want or need.

When I click on my Promotions tab, I’ve got all of my valuable email content from the likes of Neil Patel, Patrick McKenzie, Rob Walling, and Peter Cooper neatly organized in one place. All of the other promotional email, specifically the highly templated traditional marketing “offers,” look that much more spammy. My unsubscribe trigger finger is red hot.

I see the new Gmail inbox as a win for email marketing. If you disagree, then you’re probably not very confident in your content.