Marketing Automation for Startups & Small Businesses

In this article, I explore the best marketing automation tools for startups and small businesses based on price and six essential features.

Read Post / December 29, 2018

Growing Pains

My candid thoughts on HubSpot’s INBOUND18 product announcements.

Read Post / October 16, 2018

How to Integrate Clearbit Reveal with Google Analytics via Segment

I recently integrated Clearbit Reveal for Google Analytics via Segment and ran into some issues. Here’s how I got past them.

Read Post / October 15, 2017

Marketing OKR Framework: A Step-by-Step Guide with Examples

An inside look at my marketing team’s framework for setting and tracking goals with OKRs (objectives and key results).

Read Post / September 8, 2017

How Facebook Conversion Attribution (Really) Works

Facebook’s ad product is world-class, but their conversion attribution is about as clear as a pint of Guinness. I explain how it works, in plain English.

Read Post / July 11, 2017

Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?

Mike Volpe, former CMO of HubSpot, sat down with the crew over at Seeking Wisdom to chat about startups and marketing. The part of the interview that really stuck with me is about marketing playbooks, and how everyone is looking for a repeatable formula. BREAKING: there is no magic formula.

Read Post / April 27, 2017

A Review of the New HubSpot Updates from INBOUND16

My unfiltered take on the new product announcements from HubSpot’s INBOUND16 conference. I focus on the big marketing features, but will include my thoughts on some of the Sales and CRM stuff as I start experimenting with them more.

Read Post / November 18, 2016

Pricing an Online Course

The thought process behind pricing my online course, Mastering HubSpot. Includes a side-by-side pricing breakdown of 6 popular online courses.

Read Post / September 4, 2016

Fuzzy Advice

I’ve noticed a growing trend of fuzzy business advice and I’ve come to the conclusion that a.) it’s easy to give non-specific advice and b.) people eat up inspirational stuff.

Read Post / September 3, 2016

How to Automate Net Promoter Score Surveys with Drip

A step-by-step walkthrough that teaches you how to automate NPS surveys with Drip. Includes a free Drip-ready NPS email template.

Read Post / September 1, 2016

How to Automate Net Promoter Score Surveys with HubSpot

A step-by-step walkthrough that teaches you how to do full-fledged NPS surveys with HubSpot (and nothing else). Includes a free HubSpot-ready NPS email template.

Read Post / August 28, 2016

Tracking Form Submission Events the Right Way

Tracking form events on your “thank you” pages is ideal, but it has some limitations. Another option is to track the event when it happens via JavaScript. Here’s how.

Read Post / August 18, 2015

$9 Marketing Stack: A Step-by-Step Guide

A step-by-step guide that shows you, in painstaking detail, the exact steps I used to configure a marketing and analytics stack for my SaaS app Munchkin Report.

Read Post / January 28, 2015

$9 Marketing Stack: A Step-by-Step Guide [Archived]

This article is out-of-date. It may still be helpful to you, especially if you’re using ActiveCampaign.

Read Post / January 28, 2015

Marketing Stacks

With the proliferation of marketing tools over the past few years, we’re desperately in need of some default marketing stacks.

Read Post / January 6, 2015

A Detailed Summary of Nathan Barry’s Book: Authority

My detailed notes on Nathan Barry’s money-minting book Authority.

Read Post / December 30, 2014

Rules of Growth, Debunked

Austen Allred wrote a creative, yet somewhat link bait-y, post called Rules of Growth. I object.

Read Post / December 30, 2014

3 Truth Bombs from Gary Vaynerchuk

Three hard-to-face truths about the state of marketing from Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s getting harder and harder to hide behind vanity metrics and engineered reports.

Read Post / October 7, 2014

Paul Graham on Growth Hacking

PG thinks growth hacking is bullshit. Is it? Depends on your definition.

Read Post / October 1, 2014

Growth Hacking Trello Template

A growth hacking Trello board template and accompanying Google docs which you can copy and use with your team.

Read Post / September 18, 2014

Growth Hacking = People + Process

Growth hacking is experiment-driven marketing executed by people who don’t need permission or help to get things done.

Read Post / September 9, 2014

Segmenting a MailChimp List by Signup Source

How to capture the signup source for each MailChimp subscriber so you can segment your list based on how they subscribed.

Read Post / August 19, 2013

HubSpot Gotcha #1: Identity De-duplication

If you don’t pay close attention to your form settings in HubSpot, you could end up with undesirably merged leads.

Read Post / August 7, 2013

The Dangers of Projection
(Or Never Bet Against Rob Walling)

Projection is a dangerous thing in business, especially when it comes to marketing.

Read Post / July 30, 2013

Gmail’s New Inbox is a Win for Shrewd Email Marketers

Gmail’s new tabbed inbox is a pretty radical change, and it’s got many email marketers in a tizzy.

Read Post / July 24, 2013