Mastering HubSpot

You have the most powerful marketing platform in the world ā€” make the most of it.

Mastering HubSpot - The Roadmap to a Wildly Successful HubSpot Portal Mastering HubSpot will help you get meaningful results with less pain and fewer money-losing mistakes by sharing detailed insights from running and optimizing my wildly successful HubSpot portal over the past 4 years.

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The long, costly road to success

I started off on HubSpot not knowing what I was doing.

The product documentation was fantastic at telling me how to do things, but I didn’t know what things I should be doing, or how to prioritize.

I felt overwhelmed by the number of decisions I had to make, and I was afraid that poor choices would sink the project my CEO trusted me to lead. I desperately needed a best practices guide (which didn’t exist) or a full-time HubSpot consultant (which I couldn’t afford).

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

Mastering HubSpot addresses these questions and many more.

You could easily spend weeks combing through forums and reading outdated blog posts trying to get the answers you need. The goal of this book is to help cover all of your bases and avoid wasting time. Hourglass

After spending literally thousands of hours finely tuning my HubSpot portal and my inbound marketing strategy, I finally have it figured out. I now know what it takes to apply sound inbound marketing techniques within the HubSpot platform to get outsized increases in visitors, leads, and customers.

If I hadn’t misconfigured, misused, and completely overlooked critical parts of the software, I would have reached my goals much sooner and with a lot more money in my pockets.

Introducing the book I wish I had when I first started

Book Mastering HubSpot is the most extensive and detailed guide of advanced HubSpot techniques and best practices available today. This resource is crammed with practical, immediately actionable things you can do to quickly maximize your investment in HubSpot.

I’ll guide you, step-by-step, through setup, configuration, customization, optimization, and beyond. ** I want you to be insanely successful with HubSpot! **

What you’ll learn:

Why I’m selling this book

I consult with approximately two clients in a year. I get asked to work with dozens. I got tired of saying “no” to people. Hence, this book. I want to turn talented inbound marketers into HubSpot success stories through strategies and tactics that produce measurable results (the kind that result in pay raises).

I strongly believe in pricing based on value, and my clients are happy to pay my weekly rate, which has many more zeros than the price of this book. Money bag

What is your time and reputation worth?

Assume, conservatively, that fully-loaded cost of a marketing employee is $5,000 per month. It could take weeks, if not months, to formulate and execute an inbound marketing strategy and HubSpot implementation plan for your business.

And what would the consequences be if it didn’t work out?

For a fraction of the cost of a month’s subscription to HubSpot, you’ll save weeks of time and considerably reduce risk.

About the author

Rob Sobers Hey, Iā€™m Rob Sobers, a designer, developer, and writer. I’ve been using HubSpot as the marketing director at a 900+ person enterprise software company for the past 4 years.

Through lots of hard work and planning, my team and I have used HubSpot to 6X our monthly traffic and 20X our monthly leads. When I’m not HubSpotting, I love to draw, travel, and spend time with my wife and 3 kiddos. Follow me on Twitter (@rsobers)!

The packages

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